Meet Mr Nandhara, Orthopaedic Consultant

Mr Nandhara is very pleased to be providing his services at The Cherwell Hospital in Banbury. 

An experienced orthopaedic surgeon with a wide ranging experience of orthopaedic and trauma procedures, in his current post Mr. Nandhara covers all aspects of Foot and Ankle problems including bunions, heel pain, ankle arthritis and sports related injuries including instability.            

People often write off injuries to their ankles or calves as a sprain or a niggle, but what signs should we look out for to indicate it is something more serious which may need treatment?               

When a non-traumatic injury starts to interfere with daily activities and does not improve after 4 to 6 weeks then one should seek further advice. A lot of us will have sprains and most will settle on their own. However, when the pain becomes more consistent then you should see a specialist.

What are the most typical complaints or injuries you treat?

Bunions and lesser toe deformities will make up the bulk of my referrals. The painful heel and ankle instability is also very common.

Have there been any exciting developments in your field recently?

There is now an emphasis on minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery. A lot of what we used to do with big open wounds can now be done with one or two smaller incisions. Shockwave therapy and Plasma rich protein is also becoming more popular for Achilles and plantar fascia pain.

Can you help those recovering from sports related injuries?

Injury recovery is all about knowing when you can push a little further. We can help by making sure the diagnosis is correct and then formulate a personalised plan of rehabilitation with or without surgery.

Can you provide relief for those suffering with Arthritis?

I see a lot of Arthritis in foot and ankle joints. We can help by providing the right treatment at the correct time. This may be insoles in shoes, injections into painful joints, surgery to tidy up the joint or joint replacement and fusion.

Can you help avoid injuries such as ankle sprains?

Proprioception (sensing movements in joints) and Achilles stretching are the key. Making sure the calf muscle is stretched out will help foot and ankle pain. The ankle ligaments after injury in particular require fine tuning to help stability.

Our feet are often something we neglect, what would you recommend as a daily routine to keep them happy and healthy?

We use our feet everyday and they are usually the first thing that touches the ground in the morning and the last thing that leaves the ground at night. Regular stretching to keep the joints supple and comfortable shoes that don’t crowd the foot will all help.

If you were the Minister for Health what would be your first act?

I would make sure that patients see the correct specialist right at the start of their problem.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like to spend time with my family and we like to travel. I like playing football and have recently taken up golf.

What is your ideal holiday destination?

I have travelled to many places but the Far East and especially Bali will always be at the top of my list.

Mr Nandhara is available for both NHS and Private patient appointments. For NHS appointments, ask your GP to refer you to . Call 01295 230 340 for Private patient enquiries.

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