Best Foot Forward with Mr Gurbinder Nandhara
Thursday 26 April 2018

Mr Gurbinder Nandhara is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Horton Treatment Centre specialises in Foot and Ankle surgery. 

Mr Nandhara specialises in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, including bunions, heel pain and arthritis. He also consults on sports related injuries to the foot and ankle for instability or recurrent pain after an ankle sprain, or pain across the foot and heel during or after sports.

We’ve all probably sprained an ankle or based your feet in our time, but at what point does a niggle become something we need to get seen to?
Most people in their life time will get an ankle sprain. Any twisting injury to the ankle can put pressure on the ankle ligaments. You will feel pain over the outer part of the ankle in the soft spot. Usually a period of rest, applying ice, some mild compression and elevation will allow the symptoms to settle. After this period you should make sure you get back to normal activities and then gradually build up back in to any sports. This can take 4 to 6 weeks. If there is no improvement in swelling or pain and function at 4 weeks then further advice should be sort.   If there is any pain over the bony area around the ankle then one should see a doctor.

Minimally invasive surgery has come on significantly – how have you seen procedures change over time?
Many procedures that were once conducted with open surgery and required longer periods of recovery are now available with minimally invasive surgery. These can include Ankle Fusion surgery, Bunion Correction and bone removal for painful bony lumps. However, Minimally Invasive techniques have their own possible complications and risks and you should always discuss this with your surgeon.

Shockwave therapy can be very useful for pain associated with the Achilles tendon or plantar fascia.

What are the most common issues you treat?
I treat all foot and ankle conditions. My practice is now wholly Foot and Ankle related. From sprains, heel pain, Achilles tendon and plantar fascia pain, bunions, painful arthritis of the foot and ankle and sports related injuries. I also treat flat feet and any deformities of the toes.

Arthritis has been a part of a national campaign recently – what relief can you provide?
Arthritis is something that most of us will develop over our lifetime. It can affect any joint. We can evaluate the foot and ankle to see which joints are involved and target treatment accordingly. We can provide targeted injections, realignment surgery or fusion of joints to get adequate pain relief and improve function.

We often neglect our feet – what can we do to take better care of them?
Good foot care is essential to maintain our feet. Comfortable footwear that is not too tight and narrow will reduce forefoot problems. A sturdy sole with a small arch support will help provide the support needed. Anyone with diabetes must take extra care and examine their feet on a daily basis for any cracks in the skin or bony prominences.

How would you advise we avoid injury?
Accidents will always happen. But wearing appropriate footwear for different activities will help. Always make sure you do a warm up and try to exercise on a regular basis to keep the joints supple and muscles active.

Finally, when you aren’t at the hospital, how do you like to spend your free time?
I have a wife and two young children that take up quite a lot of my time away from the hospital. Including regular visits to soft play areas and cringing every time I see someone jumping on a trampoline.

I like to travel and go on long country walks which help me to relax, unwind and keep fit. I also play football and tennis and I am trying to learn golf.


Mr Nandara is hosting an open event to the public at Horton Treatment centre on the 16th of May 5.30pm- 6.30pm. Those attending will be able to meet the specialist consultant, learn about the full range of treatments available and have a tour of the hospital facilities. Book online:

To book a consultation with Mr Nandara or attend the Best Foot Forward Open Evening contact Karen Nicholls on 01295 755010 or 

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